Epic Adventures.

Some people dream about them. 

I live for them.

I'm that friend who you joke with about doing something crazy, but then actually attempts to do it. 


I am happiest when I'm sweaty and tired in the mountains. I like trying to find my limit, then pushing past it.


I'm stubborn like a mule and have a fear of failure, but I'm trying to get past that. ​

In 2014, I cycled the length of the UK with my husband. That's over 3200kms in just 19 days.


I've backpacked for 7 months across Europe & the USA.


In 2019, I ran the length of New Zealand along the Te Araroa Trail.

That's 3,000km in one hit. I am the first Australian woman to have ever run it and set the fastest know time (FKT) for a female by completing it in 66 days and 7 hours. 

And I'm not done. I have many more crazy adventures rattling around in my head! 

I'm also a qualified run coach and love helping others achieve their goal - whether it's a 5km, a marathon or a 66 day long run! 

Wanna find out more or just say hi? I’d love to hear from you! Get in touch at lucyjclark85@gmail.com or hit me up on social media.


Tighten your laces – let’s go an an adventure!

Epic weekend of running, riding & hiking