And now the end is here

Updated: Jan 22, 2019

And we have faced the final curtain My friends, let’s all be clear We’ve bloody finished, oh yes we’re certain We’ve lived 3 weeks of b&b’s We’ve cycled each and ev’ry highway And more, much more than this, we did it our way

Regrets, we’ve had quite a few But then again, not worth a mention We went up sodding hills and saw it through with much exhaustion Lucy planned each charted course, each careful step along the byway And more, much more than this, we did it our way

Yes, there were times, we’re sure you knew When we bit off more than we could chew But through it all, when there was doubt We ate it up and spat it out We rode it all, some at a crawl, but it was our way

We’ve loved, we’ve laughed and grimaced We’ve had our fill, our share of hills And now, as tears subside, we find it all so amusing To think we rode all 1220 miles And may we say, not in a shy way, “Oh, no, oh, no, not us, we did it our way”

For what is a cyclist, what have they got? If not their wheels, then they have naught To see the things we actually saw and to surprise no-one did fall The records read we did succeed and did our way

Frank Sinatra, wise words from a once keen cyclist. A fact not known to many.

We are sat on a train going south and looking forward to meeting our good friends Matthew and Callie in Edinburgh. We are fortunate enough to be scoffing down Ferrero Rochers and blue cheese with a bottle of red. Lucy reading trashy magazines to catch up on world agendas and me eating more cheese and excitedly telling her regularly how nice the scenery is whilst pretending to read The Times, to look at the pictures.

We will be doing a full review tomorrow, with credits, once the dust has settled. But we cannot sign off without saying a massive thanks to those who have messaged us a lot or just once, or who have followed our journey via this blog. As we did not do this for charity (yes, we are selfish), the regular family and friend support we had was invaluable. Absolute massive thanks to all of you.

Route: Thurso to Wick via JOG Distance: 37 miles Weather: Stunning, however the worst head wind all trip!

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