Are we there yet?

Updated: Feb 3, 2019

No, but my goodness we are close. 93 miles today and we are about 20 miles away from John O'Groats. I am not sure what to say.

Mixed feelings perhaps. Funny sore body parts. Excited to be near the end. Motivated by a 70 year old chap who wished us well as we passed him going the other way as he cycled 2 miles an hour with 6 kit bags attached to his bike. Sad that we will be ending. Respect for Lucy who has ushered me up the hills of Britain.

We talked through our different experiences and voted on the best bed, best host, best cup of tea on arrival, best scenery and best meal. We discussed what we are going to have as our treat on the train tomorrow, which is a bottle (or few) of red wine, blue cheese, kettle crisps, hummus and scones with jam and cream.

The sun came out to play today and we saw some of the best scenery of the trip. We heard a rumour the 40 odd miles from Tongue to Thurso was going to be hilly however the lovely owner of the cafe we lunched at was sure it wasn’t too bad – just a couple of hills. We are now fairly certain she has never been to Thurso. The constant hills made rolling into our b&b, along with the knowledge of a short ride tomorrow morning, just that little bit sweeter.

After a cup of tea and some tortellini and pesto which we cooked in a teapot, we are feeling somewhat chuffed and look forward to what should be a leisurely ride tomorrow.

Only 36 miles until we reach the train station via JOG. I am certain Lucy has booked first class, although if they tied me to the roof I would still be pretty pleased as I spread my smelly cheese on a Ritz.

Route: Bonar Bridge to Thurso Distance: 93 miles Weather: Pretty sunny and misty up top

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