Backpacking stereotypes in Istanbul

We hit the backpacking road. First stop, Istanbul.

Today marked the official start of the backpacking element of our adventure, which will last for the next 6 months

As we meandered through Istanbul, we wondered whether we looked like tourists or perhaps we blended in. Despite the fact we were both perspiring, I had my camera slung over my shoulder and Tom was carrying a bright red backpack,Tom was sure he was looking every bit of a local thanks to his bushy, gingery beard. I tend to disagree.

According to the very reliable source of, a website I stumbled upon approximately 10 mins ago, typical Australian and English backpackers are defined as the following:

The Australian backpacker - Friendly, adventurous and laid back, but can be annoyingly loud and is the centre of every party once drunk. Always the one that does the stupid dares. Can be found traveling in packs, pairs or alone, but if alone will often run into a cousin/friend/acquaintance at every stop, however remote (“Maaaaate, didn’t realise you were over here in the middle of the amazon jungle. Let's go for a drink.”). Great for when you want to start drinking at 9am and have a skinny dip in a public fountain.

The English Backpacker - Travels in a massive group with other suntanned/burnt/fake-tan orange English Backpackers. Friendly but often spends time whinging on a hostel balcony. Usually has enough money to find English booze and fried food thanks to the pound. Always up for hostel drinking games, and able to drink nearly as much as the Australian Backpacker (often goes home with one). Great for having a laugh at the pub.

Both of these descriptions are fairly accurate, for when we were 10 years younger. We now fall into the category of budget backpacking couple (even worse...we are that newly engaged couple) which contradicts both stereotypes. We are on a budget and therefore we don't have the money to go boozing every night.

As a result, we don't participate in stupid dares and nor swimming in any public fountains. At the very least, we wont spend time whinging on a hostel balcony because we only booked hotels as we couldn't bear the thought of a shared dorm.

But we can take solace that one thing is still true - the English Backpacker will go home with the Aussie one.

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