Beer is cheaper than water

Updated: Feb 3, 2019

Last week we visited a place where beer is cheaper than water...or a cup of tea...or a coffee. In fact, it was the cheapest drink on the menu.

Where is this magical place you ask? It is the capital of Czech Republic - Prague!

After our in-and-out visit to Bratislava, we headed to Prague for a couple of days big city exploring. I had visited a couple of years prior in the bitter cold for New Years Eve with friends. This time round the sun was shining and we were working up a sweat as we walked around the town, very lucky to have some gorgeous September sun.

We kicked off our stay with a visit to a local Vietnamese restaurant called Pho Vietnam Luan & Tan. This little take away shop churns out hundreds of dishes to the many eagerly queuing locals as it has some of the best spring rolls we have ever tasted. Not very Czech of us however we felt we still had two days of beer and meat indulging to come to warrant a non-traditional meal.

In order to gain our bearings and learn a bit about the city, we went on a free (but not really) walking tour. Our guide, Colin, was Scottish and we could tell he was obviously suffering from a bad hangover because he was sweating and straining his eyes in the hot sun when describing how the tipping system works at the beginning of the tour. That, or he was just being awkwardly Scottish and tight, wincing at the fact that he already knew from experience that some people may not tip him despite the effort he was about to go to to give us a wonderful tour. He needn't have worried as he was very good and got his just rewards from everyone at the end.

The two fun facts we learnt on this tour were that the Czech drink more beer per capital than anywhere else in the world (Makes sense seeing as it is the cheapest drink on the menu) and that the strongest beer is made in Scotland and it is called Armageddon.

After 3.5 hours of walking on the tour, we set off to visit Prague Castle on our own and indulge in some Czech cuisine - beef goulash and beer!! And boy did it go down well! We then attempted to walk off all the food by taking a stroll through Petrinske Sady, a very steep but pretty park next to the castle. We walked all the way to the top to sadly find that there is nothing of interest at the top however we stumbled upon a nice lookout on the way down which made it all worthwhile.

We spent the evening sitting at a riverside bar having another beer and watching the pedal-o's going up and down the river. We then made the fatal error of waiting until we were hungry to try and decide where to eat. We spend a good 90 minutes wandering back and forth, with both of us so hungry that we were unable to make a decision on where or what to eat. This resulted in us finding ourselves back at Pho Vietnam for our second visit in less than 24 hours.

The following day was spent meandering through the beautiful Old Town and taking in some of the amazing architecture. We watched the world famous astronomical clock strike 1pm (over-rated) and listened to a jazz band play on the Charles Bridge. We walked up through Letenske Sady, another park overlooking the river, and spent the afternoon at a large outdoor bar eating sausages, having a drink and admiring the beautiful Prague skyline.

We didn't make it 3 from 3 by visiting Pho Vietnam again however on the way home we happened to pass a place called Tom's Burger. Tom immediately took this to be a sign that he must have a burger...or rather a burger, fries and a beer. Admittedly the burger was pretty good and I got to eat most of the fries so it worked out well.

We can see why so many stag-do's head to Prague - walkable city with plenty of bars with cheap beer. But the city has a lot of offer to everyone including music which is probably not well known to the less cultured people (including us).

Going to the theatre, ballet or the opera is a must do here (as very well priced). OK, for us we may not have had time to attend a show but we did see how passionate they are for music and heard some of the best musicians around on street corners and bridges and in quirky bars and beer gardens. The cheap beer is just the very large cherry on top.

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