Running routes in Bright

You've come to Bright for the weekend and keen to do some running. But you have no bloody idea of where to go! Well, here's your answer.


This lovely, flat loop runs alongside the Ovens River towards Germantown. The trail has sections of wide, gravel trail along with flowing single track, and has pretty river views most of the way. Cross over the swing bridge, take a photo and run back into town. Reward yourself with a coffee (and cake - go on you deserve it) at Gingerbaker.

Distance: 5.1km

Elevation: 56m

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This route follows the Ovens River in the opposite direction to Cherry Walk. It's mostly single track and runs on the banks high above the river so you get great views, especially at dawn and dusk. To mix things up, there is one boulder hopping section which takes you right down to the rivers edge (and back up via natural rock stairs).

Link this up with Cherry Walk and you have yourself a cruisy 9km loop. The Canyon Walk is a popular walking track so best to head out early morning. You don't want any dawdlers getting in your way when you are Strava segment hunting, right?

Distance: 4.1km

Elevation: 23m

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This is one of my favourite routes. It has fun single track, beautiful views and isn't nearly as busy as the routes in town. Starting at the Splash Park, you'll run through the caravan park and onto a single track. You'll follow this alongside the Morses Creek to the Alpine Park in Wandiligong. When you reach a gate which looks like the entrance to private property (aka there is a big beautiful house), never fear! You are going the right way. Simply follow the path through the field - just make sure you shut the gate behind you.

If you hate back tracking like I do, you can follow the Rail Trail back to the bridge just past the paragliding landing. From here, duck onto the single track beside the disused Quartz factory back into Bright town.

Distance: 12km

Elevation: 99m

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This route allows trail runners to get to the top of Apex without having to run a single step on the dreaded bitumen. This out and back route follows a single track running up through the bush being the new Mountain Mist Estate. When you hit the Apex Walking Route, go right and follow up to the lookout to see the stunning Bright views.

Best to run either early morning or at dusk to make the most of the views. Also suggest you take your phone with you to ensure you don't get lost.

PS. The Strava link makes it look like you join up the Quins Gap Road but you don't. The trail runs just off to the side of the road.

Distance: 6.8km

Elevation: 365m

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If you are feeling energetic or need to get some vert in the legs, running the Big Walk up to Buffalo is a must. Starting at the Eurobin Picnic area simply follow the Big Walk signs the 10km up to the Buffalo lookout. The route is primarily single track and can be steep in some sections, so you might need to hike. But the views are well worth the effort.

If you dare to take it on in Winter like we did, make sure you pack some extra layers as you will no doubt encounter some snow!

Distance: 10.2km one way or 20.4km return

Elevation: 1,100m

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