Bye England. Hello Scotland

Updated: Feb 3, 2019

It was day 12 and we only went and did it. We made it to wee bonnie Scotland.

An amazing day cycling through the majestic Lake District and all the way passed the not so glamorous Gretna Green.

Feeling free as birds soaring down the long down hills and soaking up beautiful untouched landscapes, far away from the concrete jungle of the midlands.

We rode with other end to enders, had wonderful sunshine as we entered the top of Great Britain and topped off our cracking day with candlelit dinner with our airbnb host.

Nothing humorous to write about, just good vibes and positive feelings as we may have found our proper cycling legs. Two more 80 + miles a day in a row will tell all.

Route: Windermere to Dumfries Distance: 83 miles Weather: Sun and bit of head wind

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