Updated: Feb 3, 2019

Yesterday we arrived in Cappadocia, a famous region in Anatolia.

We often pooh pooh tours, mainly because we are travelling on a shoestring but also prefer exploring ourselves. For this reason, Lucy suggested we do a self guided trek through the valleys. We walked from 11am to 4pm through winding canyons and on dusty services. Apparently this was the hottest time of the day. It definitely felt like it!

One of the "must do" in Cappadocia is a hot air balloon. Unfortunately our budget doesn't allow such extravagant activities. Instead we got up at 5am to hike up to a ridge and watch the hot air balloons float across the Cappadocia landscape. It was amazing. I consider this a must do.

We then donned big, silly helmets and jumped onto a moped to see the sights of Cappadocia. This included fairy chimneys (which looks suspiciously like something else....). We whizzed around Cappadocia until sunset.

So what's the final verdict on Cappadocia?

It's a very unique part of the world and well worth the visit.

Whilst I don't particularly like the heat nor dust, I am still really glad we made the effort to come here. Seeing the hot air balloons at sunrise were by far the highlight! Save your pennies and simply hike up a ridge to watch.

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