Celebrations and cocktails in Croatia

Updated: Feb 3, 2019

Following our jaunt in Montenegro, we have moved onto its better known next door neighbour - Croatia.

Following a 2 hour bus ride from Kotor, we arrived in Dubrovnik - the jewel of the Balkans. The Old Town is the real highlight and, as we discovered, the place that every single tourist in the area will be around midday. We jostled our way through the gates, lined up for 20 minutes for an ATM and eventually dived down an alleyway for lunch to finally get some breathing space.

But despite its busyness, you cannot ignore its beauty. It's marble streets, baroque buildings and high stone walls make picture perfect. We spent the afternoon weaving our way through before slowly walking back along the coast, discovering a few hidden swimming holes along the way.

It was Tom's 31st birthday yesterday and we planned to catch a ferry at 9am to Korcula, where we had booked a cute apartment. However after queuing for an hour and getting 4 people from the front, we were advised the tickets had sold out. We legged it to the bus station to find out we had missed the next bus by 5 minutes, and would have to wait 6 hours until the next. Oh and it was going to be twice as expensive. Happy birthday Tom!

Despite this, we entertained ourselves by cafe hopping and after a 3.5 hour bus journey, we finally arrived in the quaint town of Korcula at 6:30pm. Similar to Dubrovnik, the Old Town has marble streets and tiny weaving alleyways. We happened to be staying in one of those alleyways, with our own little table and some local wine to finally start celebrating Tom's bday. This was followed by a cocktail in Massimo, a cocktail bar in an old tower where you have to climb up a ladder and perch precariously on the turrets up the top. Whilst the cocktails are average, the view is fantastic.

Restaurants are again quite expensive so we opted for a little pizza joint, where we devoured a pizza, salad and a bottle of wine for €30. We finished up the night drinking wine back in our private alleyway with a lovely french couple we met at Massimo. Despite a rocky start, I think it is fair to say Tom's birthday redeemed itself.

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