Hi ho, it's off to LEJOG we go!

Updated: Feb 3, 2019

After many a false-starts and changed plans, we are finally heading to Australia...via John O'Groats, Europe, America and Canada. Yep, this is a trip of epic proportions!

We commence our journey with a short bike ride across the UK, otherwise know as LEJOG (Lands End to John O'Groats).

Our route is just over 1900 km long (around 1180 miles) and will take us a leisurely 19 days. Unfortunately we have chosen to do it the long way - uphill.

We will ride between 38 - 90 miles a day, which equates to 3 - 7 hours of cycling. Thankfully Tommy has got plenty of chamois cream packed.

What are we actually taking with us?

After stalking what other LEJOGers took, below is our kit. All of this fits into our awesome Altura Arran expanding postpacks.

- 2 x pairs of knicks each

- 2 x short sleeve jerseys each

- Light sprayproof jacket each

- Sleeveless windproof shell (Lucy)

- Buff & arm warmers (Lucy)

- 2 x pairs of socks each

- 1 x pair of gloves each

- Waterproof shoe covers each

- 1 x pair underwear each

- 1 x pair flip flops each

- 1 x pair of light trousers

- 1 x merino wool t-shirt

- 1 x long sleeve merino wool shirt

- Face moisturiser & deodorant

- Hairbrush (Lucy)

- 2 x spare tubes

- Iphone with back up battery & charger

- Repair kit, incl tyre levers

- Chamois cream & blister blox

- Pump, multitool & chain lube

- Gels & electrolyte tabs

Now we must get through our final days of work before spending a leisurely weekend in Weymouth with family whilst carbo loading and psyching ourselves up. Bring it on!

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