Farewell Fethiye

Updated: Feb 3, 2019

Key facts about our stay in Fethiye: - It was 40 degrees today - I did a workout at 7:30am and nearly passed out from heat exhaustion - Fethiye's beaches have pebbles and the water was warm - Tom attempted to get a tan but instead got all sweaty and greasy from the sunscreen, resulting in the pebbles sticking all over his body and blocking his tanning abilities - We both had delicious chicken kebabs for lunch, costing a total of approx £3 each - We had to retire to our air conditioned room for the afternoon as it was too hot - When the sun goes away, the night animals come out to play - mainly girls wearing too much makeup and dresses that are too tight - We both had delicious chicken dishes for dinner, costing a total of approx £3 each - We undertook an impromptu 5km run at 9pm this evening to pick up a pair of shoes I left on the boat. We both nearly passed out from heat exhaustion

Turkey has been marvellous - the food has been fantastic and the people have been great too. Tomorrow we head off to Rhodes, Greece for no doubt more kebabs. Hurrah!

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