Fun facts from our LEJOG journey

Updated: Feb 3, 2019

Here are some fun facts from the first nine days of our LEJOG journey. Did you know:

1) I can wee with one cleat still attached to the bike. I think I am more efficient but I can't tell.

2) I cleaned our bikes for 2 hours tonight and we will be riding for about 7 hours tomorrow in the rain. They will probably get dirty again.

3) People like to say good morning in passing, but no-one says good afternoon. I'm confused.

4) B&B owners never like to get to close to you. They never introduce themselves and don't let you sit with them in their private areas. What are they hiding?

5) You can't hear someone when you have your back turned to them and it is windy. Well, depends on how windy it is.

Route: Stoke on Trent to near Manchester Distance: 53 miles Weather: Rainy, head wind and cloudy all day

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