Hard day in the office after the bank holiday

Updated: Feb 3, 2019

Riding along the Birmingham canals. Sounds like it should be lovely. It was anything but that!

We all had some fun over the long weekend - spent quality time with family and friends away from the grindstone. I don't think we were mentally or physically prepared for a day back at work.

Our day started with the classic poor internet connection (sore legs cycling into the wind), so straight away we were demotivated about the tasks ahead.

Whilst we tried to get going, there was that colleague who had a story about how impressive and better their weekend was (Patrick, who we chatted to after 5 miles of cycling, told us about how he is walking to John O Groats!).

Once settled in and with emails read, it was on to the to do list. For me, it is always getting the worst things out the way first (passing through Birmingham). That would be making some sales calls then. The obligatory rejection and chasing off the phone came (two teenage boys on BMXs chasing us along the deserted canals out of Birmingham).

Next to do is have that meeting with your manager. As we pass along the corridor, we overhear whispers from the group of office gossips (mini gang handing round drugs under the canal bridge) which makes us a little on edge.

Just when we thought it can't get any worse, our manager comes straight at us like a steam train and makes all sorts of noises that we can't quite comprehend (two kids on a massive motorbike heading straight for us on the canal path).

As we head back to the safety of our desk, we get hit again by that annoying colleague saying we have not done something right (Didn't buy proper puncture proof tyres and Lucy just got her 4th flat tyre).

We have had enough and sneak off for lunch (off the canal). When we return, we keep our head down in an effort just to get through the day and try to ignore all the flapping and chaos going on around us (busy A roads with trucks whizzing past).

After a draining afternoon, we need to relax, eat a healthy dinner and get an early night. Instead we go for dinner with a waiter that spoke no English and got our order wrong, had a very greasy curry and then stole a hand full of chocolates from reception which we ate in bed. I might call in sick tomorrow.

Ps. We went through so much mud today I had to get on my knees to clean my bike using puddle water.

Route: Stratford to Stoke on Trent Distance: 84 miles Weather: Headwind at times but mild and damp, no rain

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