I don't want this high to end

Updated: Feb 3, 2019

I realised, when thinking about us 'End to Enders', that this mad and marvellous meander through Great Britain will in fact end. Not sure why I thought of that, maybe it was to do with the word end. Don't worry this post will end soon too, just a couple more sentences to go.

Anyway, ending! This trip will be ending soon and I feel a little down thinking about it.

Seeing lots of Britain is great and we feel very lucky being outdoors all day. But the real kick for me has been having a bit of a mission. It reminds me of recent little self improvement challenges I have set myself - doing things you don't normally do each day to form a good habit (30 days seems to work).

Each day we plan what we need to do and just get on and do it. No excuses and no distractions. Some of it is pretty hard, like today where we cycled 5 miles over a path of thick gravel and stones. Some of it was pretty soul destroying, like cycling into a headwind with fake summits. But you always pull through. Probably because Lucy promises you a flapjack at the top.

Long story short, we have been doing this little challenge for ourselves and after some gruelling hours today, we rolled down a summit of 1400 feet for about 10-15 minutes over 4 miles. The past two weeks of uphill struggles were suddenly worth every second and I smiled the whole way down like a very excited kid watching an funny Punch and Judy. If you like a challenge, then start planning or doing it rather than thinking about it. The feeling of achievement each day is like a drug. I want more drugs.

I don't want to preach so, in the words of Steve Redgrave, if you see me cycling round Horsham in about a week when I have nothing much to do, carrying a sign saying 'You can do it, be a better person and challenge yourself' please shoot me.

Route: Dumfries to Ayr Distance: 87 miles Weather: Very clear, then misty in the mountains and sopping rain for last hour

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