On the road. LA to Morro Bay.

Updated: Feb 3, 2019

We hit the road up the West Coast.

For those who don't know, we decided a while back we wanted to live the dream by road tripping across America. That dream has just became a reality having left LA and headed towards San Francisco with a pocket full of dollars and a tank full of gas.

Our trip will see us also pass through Yosemite, Vegas, Grand Canyon, along the old route 66, down through Texas, across East again through places like New Orleans and finally making it down to Florida.

Our first night on this epic trip was at Morro Bay which is almost half way between LA and San Fran. After we left LA, we drove through the beautiful coastal destinations of Malibu and Santa Barbara. Sadly we only had time for a quick stops as we zipped along, trying to make it in good time to our days final destination.

Malibu is a super long stretch of beach houses (over 27 miles). Santa Barbara had streets lined with palm trees and is apparently very good for food and shopping.

After passing by a few other small towns, we arrived in Morro Bay to find our first night was in a sturdy and efficient motel right by the seafront. It had a large bed, microwave, tv and facilities to wash ourselves. What more could you want?

It was right by a lovely street filled with good old fashioned small town stores, takeaway pizza, coffee houses, a bar with neon lights and a couple of thrift shops. It was all bright white and blue, making us feel homely and welcome in such a small community. By the seafront there were a dozen similarly decorated restaurants, fish shops and American bars reminding us we had arrived in the US and probably should be drinking a Budweiser. I loved it !!

Watching the odd pick up truck roll by with a tired, but content, local making their way home after a good days graft on the boats made me think a life like this would be quite pleasant. Morro Bay is a small place with not much to do, but a decent stop off point along the way and a good start to our trip.

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