Lake Como with George Clooney

We are in Lake Como with George. We are expecting an invite to his big bash any moment...not the actual wedding, thank goodness otherwise we would feel obligated to invite him to ours. But rather the after party that will be held in his huge villa a few days following his big day.

The lack of wifi in our little apartment perched up high above the quaint town of Bellano means it has been a little hard to keep in contact with him via facebook but any moment now that little invite should slide out from under the door.

Unfortunately the weather hasn't been great leading up to George's big day. We arrived in the pouring rain and it continued for the next 3 days except for a short, hot burst yesterday afternoon.

However we actually don't mind it too much as I have been practically bed ridden with a bad case of woman flu and it has given Tom time to create a list of jobs to work his way through. It is as close to normality Tom and I have gotten to in the past 3 months and we are really enjoying a bit of down time.

That and Tom finally having a haircut so he no longer looks like a travelling hippie. Instead I think he looks a bit like a frenchman.

Thursday was the first day we properly started exploring the area. We visited the nearby town of Bellagio, which is a very popular and, we assume, expensive town. It has boutique shop after restaurant after boutique shop, with a huge fancy hotel on the headland and a garden containing a villa which costs €10 for a two day pass (Who needs two days to explore a garden?!). However it is beautiful and if we were not poorly backpackers, we could have easily spent a weekend here enjoying the spoils.

Yesterday we went for a 2 hour walk to the town of Varenna. We were lead to believe that it was an easy walk. It would seem the Italians are a lot fitter than us. There were numerous steep up and down hills and treacherous paths. While the views were lovely, my constant coughing and wheezing ruined the serenity. The town is our favourite - again quite small but has numerous restaurants and bars with amazing views of the lake but without all the tourists of Bellagio.

Bellano (our current hometown) has stunning views over the lake and seems to be a lot quieter. It has its fair share of tucked away cafes and restaurants, but lacks the expensive boutique shops and tourists. Our little apartment is located about 25 mins walk uphill, and by uphill I mean equivalent to walking up a set of stairs for 25 minutes, which is a total delight to finish off every trip into town with, particularly when one of your party is

Today we lay low to ensure we are full of energy to hang out with George tonight. But on a serious note, Lake Como is completely stunning and in terms of scenery, it has completely blown us away.

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