LEJOG - A summary

Two bikes. 19 days. 2005 miles

In May 2014, we quit our professional London jobs to cycle from Lands End to John O'Groats, affectionately known as LEJOG. For you non-British folk, that's the bottom to the top of the UK.

The Inspiration

Tommy and I had been living in London for two years and were getting the classic case of itchy feet. We were already planning to do some travelling before relocating back to Australia, but after reading Free Country by George Mahood (which you should all read - it is hilarious) we thought there couldn't be a better way to say goodbye to Britain then by cycling it.

Our route

As we didn't have time constraints, we decided to take the scenic route and avoid major roads where possible. We used the fantastic Sustrans National Cycle Network to plot our route on cycle paths and exported these into a GPX app to keep us on track whilst en-route.

We rode between 38 - 90 miles a day, which is between three to seven hours in the saddle a day.


As we had a set route, we pre-booked accommodation through airbnb. This gave us a destination to work towards plus reassured us that we would always a comfy bed waiting after a long day in the saddle. Plus it meant we had one less thing to think about whilst riding. We only had to change our accommodation once as we decided to ride further on the penultimate day (to make our final day a little cruiser).


We traveled very light and everything fit into an Altura Arran saddle post bag. We pretty much nailed the kit component except for one big fail - we didn't have waterproof jackets. We just didn't think it would rain that much.

But these were quickly purchased on day one (as it was pouring) and we wore them alot, not only for wet weather but for warm.

- 2 x pairs of knicks each (We both ditched a pair after 3 days)

- 2 x short sleeve jerseys each

- Light spray proof jacket each (Replaced by proper jackets)

- Sleeveless windproof shell (Lucy only)

- Buff & arm warmers (Lucy only)

- 2 x pairs of socks each

- 1 x pair of gloves each

- Waterproof shoe covers each

- 1 x pair underwear each

- 1 x pair flip flops each

- 1 x pair of light trousers

- 1 x merino wool t-shirt

The verdict

Honestly, this is our top holiday/adventure. Each day was very simple - ride from A to B. And eat as much as you want along the way!

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