Miami Heat

After fun and games in Orlando, all 5 of just squeezed into our trusty Rav4 and started our way back down the coast to Miami. What was meant to be an easy 3.5 hour drive turned into an 6 hour ordeal as poor Tom came down with a stomach bug whilst driving. About an hour out of Miami we were pulled over at a dodgy petrol station with Tom alternating between laying in the foetal position on the front seat and locking himself into the toilet.

Dougie came to the rescue by taking over the driving and carefully delivered us to our destination. Thankfully Tom managed to make a small recover during that hour and managed to walk into the apartment, shower and pass out.

We finally started our Miami break the next morning by heading to the beach for a bit of sun. After getting sufficiently sweaty and sanding, we popped into a traditional American Diner for a spot of lunch with juicy burgers and crisp fries being the option of choice. We wandered down the Lincoln Road Mall - a lovely pedestrian street lined with shops before walking back along the palm tree board walk back to South Beach. Tom retired back home whilst the rest of us opted for a happy hour cocktail on Ocean Street.

Ocean Street, a tourist street, is lined with bar after bar after bar, all advertising great drink specials. We selected one at random and ordered two cocktails, which turned out to be huge! Dougie and I thoroughly enjoyed the first half of each and struggled through the second half with aching, sugar riddled teeth. Tom and I retired for the evening to take up babysitting duties whilst Benita and Dougie hit the town together.

Unfortunately it seemed that Tom's illness had not completely gone away... instead it was passed on to me. After a quick speed walk in the morning, I started to feel a bit rubbish. While the boys watched the England vs All Blacks game on the ipad, Benita and I hit the shops however I abandoned the trip after 20 minutes due to a banging headache, fever and stomach pains. I promptly crawled into bed and spent the rest of the day there in a state of semi-consciousness.

Tom, Doug, Benita and Harrison headed down to Coconut Grove for the annual Grove Bed Race. Essentially teams create a bed come go-kart which they race down a time trial track whilst wearing weird and wonderful outfits. The big drawcard was the MC, who was none other than Vanilla Ice!! Doug and Benita hit the town again as Tom and I offered to babysit... or rather Tom offered to babysit both Harrison and I.

Our final day in Miami was wet and windy. We drove through downtown Miami where Doug and Benita cleaned up at Hollister. We then headed to the famous Little Havana and perhaps the most famous Cuban restaurant there, Versailles. The place was huge and completely jam packed but our food came out quickly and lived up to the high expectations set by Tripadvisor. Due to the weather we opted to drive through the main centre of Little Havana and viewed the numerous cigar shops and colourful eateries through our window.

After 4 weeks of driving, we finally parted ways with our Rav4. As we were both still feeling a lil delicate, we offered to babysit again whilst Doug and Benita enjoyed another rare evening out together. Unfortunately we did not quite get the full Miami experience due to illness but we can see how this place is very appealing - warm weather, white sandy beaches, loads of shopping, great dining options and cocktails flowing. Perfect place for a proper tropical summer holiday.

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