Updated: Feb 3, 2019

We have just left this pretty special place where we stayed for 2 nights. We only stayed in one town, Kotor, and it rained pretty much the whole time but we loved it. Let me explain why.

Montenegro is pretty much off the radar for most people in terms of a holiday destination. As is Albania, described to you in our previous post. But we hope that many will see it as much more than a tiny and unknown neighbour of the extremely popular Croatia.

The highlights are superb mountain ranges where people zoom around in hire cars, lovely beaches, beautiful old towns, rich ports and historic forts. In Kotor, a very popular tourist town, the food is a bit dearer than Albania but is still not going to tug on those purse strings too much.

We stayed 100m from the harbour to watch in wonder at some prize yachts. One being the Maltese Falcon. I sent some photos to both our Dads who are keen sailors / yacht owners and it was quickly pointed out to me, after Lucy's Dad did some research, just how much this puppy costs. It is no joke. The folks chartering this beast are certainly not short of a bob. I don't reckon they are short on taste either, based on their travel means or their destination choice. That should give you a clue to this place's beauty.

We ate dinner at a superb restaurant called Galion. It was very upmarket and we fitted right in.

The town itself was engulfed by impressive walls running about 200 metres up the mountain side where we found the unforgiving fortress that offered majestic views overlooking the calm waters and bustling town filled with restaurants and cafes.

This place is only 2 hours to Dubrovnik by bus, so whoever comes to this part of the world please visit. You should also make your way along to Budva, which is only 30 mins by bus from Kotor, that offers you all the beach you like and subsequent spoils by the seaside.

I know we have said this about other places, but please make your way to Montenegro if you can.

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