Updated: Feb 3, 2019

A couple of days ago, we arrived at the island of Mykonos. Much like the other Greek (tourist) islands there are always a few little towns or village areas spread across different beaches. Mykonos offers similar to the others, but perhaps a few more beautiful people and young party goers.

It is a superb location for a holiday if you want to spend time zooming round the islands on the infamous ATVs (All Terrain Vehicles) or scooters looking tanned and muscly, then sitting on a beach drinking 241 cocktails during afternoon happy hours at Paradise Beach, then dancing the night away in... well paradise.

We witnessed some of the above happening and, at times, felt jealous we were not on a week long party with all our mates, dancing with the sand between our toes. But at the same time a bottle of wine at sunset is pretty decent too. We are loving the relaxed approach to our travels. We have been on one double date already and quite frankly that tired us out for about 3 days and we didn't even go dancing.

One of the main attractions is Mykonos Town. It is yet another beautiful setting painted by pristine white buildings and crazy paving stoned alleyways which contain glamorous high end fashion shops and any type of food you fancy among the hundred or so restaurants.

There are plenty of top quality places to eat, which charge €20-€30 for 2 courses along with some good fun kebab houses plonked in between to brightened corners up, charging €3 for lunch. For the riff raff like me. I enjoyed a tasty cheap bite at Jimmys, a place with hundreds of photos of well known people posing with him. I asked if I could have a photo taken but they said I have not even been on Greece's Got Talent, so no.

Probably the main string to Mykonos' bow is the super quirky and cool Little Venice area made up of about 6 restaurants packed together amongst an alleyway which turns into a tiny path along the waters edge. Its charm and uniqueness is worth an afternoon alone, ideally into sunset which is where everyone gets their picture perfect postcard snap. Click the link above to get a better understanding.

We left Greece yesterday satisfied we had sat on beaches, saw some very picturesque locations and ate even more good hearty traditional foods. But we are also ready for some cities and less lounging around.

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