New York, New York

I know, I know. Where the hell have we been? You were probably worried that we were taken captive whilst cruising the Caribbean or perhaps we just met someone else.

Well we did meet someone else. Someone called New York! After our 6 months of travels we (or rather Lucy) were fortunate enough to have been offered a job in the Big Apple. So we rescheduled our travel itinerary, did mountains of paperwork in preparation for a 5 minute visa interview and packed up our backpacks for the last time. At the start of December we officially settled our packs in New York City to become Giants fans who run around Central Park and drink lots of coffee and eat pizza slices for a $1 (well Tom does).

We began our stay in Midtown Manhattan for a month based in a central serviced apartment courtesy of Lucy's work before moving into our own little one bed apartment in the Lower East Side, a chop sticks reach away from Chinatown. We absolutely love the area and are enjoying living amongst the young hipsters and being a stones throw from the bargain food stalls offering Asia's finest.

So now let's get you up to date on things in NYC over the past 3 months:

- We moved here at the start of December and Lucy started work for the first time since May.

- Tom can't yet work as he is waiting for his Employment Authorisation Document (which should come through any day now) and has been playing house husband for the past little while.

- As we moved with only the packs on our backs, we did an epic clothes shop at the outlets on Black Friday. Sounds like fun but it was actually quite stressful.

- While we were disappointed there was no snow for Christmas, we still had a lovely day playing ball in the sun, visiting a local bar, skyping home and eating loads of food. Unfortunately you don't get Boxing Day off work here. That sucks.

- We made some friends down the hall and spent a lovely New Years Eve watching the ball drop on the tv, attempting to watch the fireworks from the roof of our apartment and visiting a local watering hole.

- Lucy has joined a running club and signed up for the New Jersey Marathon and Brooklyn Half. Tom has joined a social basketball team and practices his shooting regularly on the local bball courts in Chinatown. He enjoys this as he is around a foot taller than all his opponents.

- The Juno storm was completely disappointing.

- We are currently at Whistler on a 2 week skiing holiday. Nice way to ease ourselves back into the world of work by taking a break 2 months in.

- We are slowly eating and drinking our way around NYC. Thankfully we are blessed with fairly fast metabolisms. The food here is like nowhere else. Watch this space.

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