Rhode Runners

Updated: Feb 3, 2019

Made it to Rhodes in Greece with sea legs still wobbling. Just about recovered from sailing the high seas in Turkey. Some running has helped us out to get rid of the jelly legs.

This morning started with some running with the future Mrs Motivator. I cursed a bit under my breathe but realised some exercise is much needed. Constantly stealing bread, cake and croissants from the breakfast buffet is not good for you, apparently.

Today we had a delightful wander through the old town of Rhodes yesterday. We were pleasantly surprised to find it charming and cobbled stoned to the max. Lovely little alleyways and plenty of quiet nooks - a million miles away from the north beach where they were pumping out afternoon party tunes for the tanned, big-boobed and chiseled six pack people. In fact it was 1 km away but the scorching walk in the sun made it feel like a 2 day trek through the Sahara with people trying to sell you bracelets along the way.

Despite my slight reservations about the party town being too "party" for us poor and old people, it does offer some pretty decent scenery and two euro chicken kebabs. If we could afford scooters everyday, I am sure we would be impressed by the surrounding beaches and old ruins.

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