Routines and Medieval festivals in Tuscany

Updated: Feb 3, 2019

Today marks the 3/4 point in our stay - we can't believe how quickly a week and a half has flown by. We are now well engrained into the Tuscan lifestyle, which consist as follows:

6:15 - Lucy wakes up and goes running. Tom sleeps. 7:30 - Lucy makes breakfast. Tom gets out of bed and eats. 8:00 - Tom goes to work with Alex to set up the breakfast for the pilates guests and do odd jobs around the house. Lucy stays at home to play with Oscar and Milly. 10:00 - Snack and coffee with the kids. 11:00 - Tom returns home from work. Everyone goes out for an excursion eg. Winery visit, drive up to nearby mountain, visit to nearby town. 15:00 - Return home for an afternoon nap. 18:00 - If we are cooking, we head up to the farmhouse to help prepare. If going out for dinner, we simply get dressed. 19:30 - Dinner is served or if we are eating out, we head off to the restaurant. 20:00 - Red wine, food, red wine, food, red wine, food. 22:00 - Final red wine. 22:30 - Bedtime.

On Sunday, we were fortunate enough to be taken to a medieval festival in Monteriggioni. Monteriggioni is a walled town near Siena and as we entered the festival, it felt like we were walking onto the set of Braveheart. Wooden stalls selling red wine and huge sandwiches full of meat and wooden swords and shields lined the town square Everyone working at the festival were dressed in medieval attire. There was a full body armoured tournament and a jousting competition. Traditional dancers and musicians roamed the village and hogs roasts were turned on a spit in the outdoor taverns. The festival even had its own currency. We purchased pottery cups filled to the brim with red wine for €2 each (A refill was €1!) and basked in the afternoon sun whilst people watching.

We have continued to eat very well in Tuscany. Last night it was a delicious 4 course raw meal whipped up by Angela - cashew cheese on crisp lettuce leaves, a cold cucumber soup, zucchini pasta and chocolate mousse. The night prior it was a 4 course meal in a lovely local restaurant run by a couple who simply see what fresh produce they have that day and decide up on the set menu. Ours consisted of antipasto platters, carbonara, roast beef with chutney, marinated chickpeas and a lemon ricotta pudding. Of course this was served with large quantities of red wine and grappa.

Now I am sorry to cut this post short so abruptly but it is snack and coffee time with the kids.

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