Updated: Feb 3, 2019

Experts say that all really successful bloggers post things every second day. Keeping the reader on tenter hooks. That may be true, but the truth is we figured we may or may not have very juicy things to talk about everyday and normally spend 2 days in one place so reckoned you could be treated to very insightful travel blogs about different places we go to every other day.

Today I tell you about Santorini in Greece.

It is one of the nicest places in the world with succulent sea views and stunning evening sunsets. We are here for Lucy's birthday and as a result, splashed out on getting a private villa in the town of Oia.

Our villa is beautiful. Literally the best place we have ever stayed in. It is a traditional one bedroom apartment with a balcony, complete with hot tub. It has sweeping views across the ocean and over the town of Oia. Continental breakfast is delivered to us every morning.

We spent our first day wandering along winded alleyways of whitewashed houses. An hour before sunset, the tourist descend onto the town, jostling to get the best view. Whilst it may be crowded, it really is a must do.

We opted for the Old Castle (along with 300 others) - we got there early with a bottle of wine and cheese. After sunset, we wandered home via the supermarket and had a wonderful tapas dinner on our private balcony.

Our second day was spent on ATVs. We zoomed up and down the island, visiting the different beaches. Perissa beach was a highlight. It is completely set up for tourists, with umbrellas lining the beaches and music pumping from the local restaurants. Be aware - you will have to pay for the umbrellas.

We also visited Red Beach, which is small and features the scary hike to get down to it. We only stayed 30 mins or so but it was still a nice little pit stop for a dip.

This is Lucy's second time here and my first, but we would both definitely come back again. I don't think anyone could get sick of the views here. If you are planning to come here, definitely stay in Oia. I know it may be more expensive but it is definitely worth it.

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