The good, the bad and the mediocre

Updated: Feb 3, 2019

It's been 10 days cycling LEJOG. We rate all the places we have stayed. Who will win?

We have ridden 632 miles over 10 days and have visited half of our scheduled destinations. A summary of the good, the bad and the mediocre is below:

1) Lands End - It rained, it was windy, it was cold. However I did get proposed to Lucy so that puts it up a few rankings. It has a deserted fair ground which reminds me of one of those fairs in scary movies where treachery always occurs.

2) Newquay - Some consider this to be a cheap & tacky Ibiza however when the sun is shining, you can't help but like it!

3) Holsworthy - All we know about Holsworthy is that they have a good curry house who will deliver to the door of your B&B.

4) Holcombe Rogus - We stayed with a hippy couple in what can only be described as a wooden tent with a glass roof in their backyard. Tiny town, mediocre pub but great experience.

5) Axbridge & Wedmore - We stayed in Axbridge but dined at The Swan in Wedmore. Food was fantastic and was quite pissed after 3 glasses of wine due to dehydration. All round, a good night!

6) Thornbury - A last minute stay due to our original accommodation in Chepstow being cancelled at the last minute. By the time we got here, we were so cold and wet that we simply got into the shower fully clothed. On this particular day, anywhere warm and dry gets a bit thumbs up from us!

7) Gloucester - Due to a short ride in the morning, we actually had time to walk around. Bad idea. We got tired very quickly and I got hangry (angry due to hunger). Stupidly we thought the 99p takeaway shop would work a treat. Our jacket potatoes were thrown in the bin within 3 minutes of being purchased and we headed straight to a much classier establishment - the Wetherspoons.

8) Stratford upon Avon - Rolling hills and quaint towns, this place is just down right lovely however the Red Lion makes crap nachos.

9) Stoke on Trent -Similar to Holsworthy, all we know is that there is a curry house which serves pretty good biryani and mediocre onion bhaji's. During the day we experienced 75 miles of unpleasant cycling as we travelled through Birmingham, Wolverhampton and Stafford - you can read more about this average experience here.

10) Stalybridge - We stayed with our lovely friend Ross and Cath, and I had my first proper experience with Aldi. All ingredients for a turkey lasagne plus a bottle of wine and four ales for £20. Result.

11) Slyne - A delightful ride through the countryside led us to this tiny town just outside of Lancaster. Not much here except a Londis and 2 pubs but after cycling 75 miles today, we don't really mind.

Route: Stalybridge to Slyne Distance: 75 miles Weather: Overcast but dry and mild. Perfect cycling conditions!!

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