Three pirates, a pretty lady & some treasure

Updated: Jan 19, 2019

Our LEJOG journey starts our very wet. But Tommy has a surprise to brighten up the day.

The morning started like an epic Spielberg - storm clouds and what seemed like a harrowing score echoing in the halls of our dreary and dark hotel depicting the end of Earth.

Despite the heavy rains, I knew the adventure had the real feel of a Disney.

Our first meeting was with Pirate Pete and his wooden leg (hip replacement). He rattled our breakfast tray over this morning and, after getting my breakfast order wrong, he pointed out there were no high winds and only a bit of rain. I wondered if his wise words about the weather had any weight. However I was possibly too dazzled by his shiny gold earring (possible hearing aid).

We then met the Pirate of Penzance. We actually me him yesterday and with his patch on, he looked to the seas and told us it would be clear and sunny for 6 weeks. Regardless, we donned our wet weather gear (garbage bags) and sailed passed him today. He blinked his eye twice when he saw we were soaked to the bone.

We were starting to lose faith in these pirate types until we met number 3 - Jolly Roger, our host for the night. A charming man who has travelled the world. His probing questions seemed intelligent and thoughtful but then I realised I have been fooled by them all. Roger actually has his finger on the pulse and his eyes on our prize. The Pretty Lady's treasure will be kept locked in our chest tonight or perhaps left on her finger.

Oh yes, the Pretty Lady is Lucy and the treasure has a sparkle. After asking her to marry me, she agreed to live with me happily ever after.

Route: St Just to Lands End to Newquay Distance: 61 miles Weather: Torrential rain followed by sunny bursts and more rain then more sun

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