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The top 5 surprises from our LEJOG journey so far

Today was what we had imagined our entire LEJOG trip to be like - sunny but not too hot, a slight tail wind, smooth country roads and averaging 15+ miles an hour. We stopped for an ice cream beside a canal and rode

through quaint English towns.

Naively this was how I had expected the entire trip to be like. What I hadn't expected was:

1) Rain. Yep, I thought we could cycle the length of the UK without getting rained on once. How wrong I was. Waterproofs were purchased within the first 2 hrs of our journey.

2) Getting two punctures in two days. I never get punctures in glass-ridden London, how could I possibly get one in Devon? £47 later and a pair of puncture proof tyres are waiting for my arrival in Manchester.

3) Falling off my bike. If it was a spectacular crash, it might have been worth it. I was virtually stationary and simply lost my balance and did not get my cleat out in time. Amateur.

4) Hills, hills and more hills. I knew there would be a few but figured it would be smooth, or rather flat, sailing until Scotland so I was a little surprised when I spent days 2 and 3 huffing and puffing like a pack a day smoker.

5) A marriage proposal, especially not one in the rain whilst wearing a garbage bag. But it was perfect.

Despite the trip being largely different from what I anticipated, it's bloody brilliant! I've seen so much of this wonderful country. Despite having to ride for 3 hours in the pouring rain with mud flicking up my back and fingers so cold it's hard to change the gears, I wouldn't change a second of it. And to top it all off, we are only a third of the way through! Result.

Ps. I would like to mention I just witnessed Tom getting into the shower with his bike in an attempt to wash it off. This should be interesting...

Route: Thornbury to Gloucester Distance: 35 miles Weather: Mild and sunny.

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