Tour de Lejog

Today we entered the mountain stage of Devon, and were crowned King & Queen of the Mountain.

Yesterday we entered the mountain stage. This is where they sort the men from the boys. It seemed for every slight downhill, there was a ferocious uphill, straining our quads, knees and morale. Without a peloton to drag us up, we were solitary riders relying on one another.

“As we rode up hill after hill, our woops and high fives echoed across Devon”

The mountains threw everything at us - a flat tyre, fake summits, a sore knee, a missing screw from a cleat and wrong turn past our b&b. But we fought back, never letting Mr Mountain get inside our heads.

Black, rumbling clouds gathered in the sky as we climbed up Exmoor National Park and we were rewarded with beautiful views across Devon. We revelled in winding through the country lanes and ate flap jacks to avoid getting hangry. We may not have been in contention for the yellow jersey as we slowly rode up hill after hill but our woops and high fives echoed across Devon.

With the evening sun on our faces, we climbed our last mountain (albeit an extra one thanks to google maps steering us off course through a private farm and over un-rideable terrain), we are filled with a mosaic of emotions - relief, hunger, tiredness, soreness, happiness and pride.

As we enjoy a cup of tea, we have a slightly smug smile on our face. We wear our imaginary polka dot jerseys because today we won and are King and Queen of the Mountains.

Route: Holsworthy to Holcombe Rogus Distance: 86.75 Weather: Overcast with rain patches. Huge black clouds and evening sun.

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