Unemployed and homeless

We've quite our jobs, packed up our stuff and we are outta here! Peace out London. *mic drop*

It's official! We are unemployed and homeless. It is quite a weird feeling. We have spent so long saving and talking about this trip that it is surreal that it is finally here.

As I rode home from work yesterday, instead of thinking "Yes, I'm free!!", I thought "Bloody hell, I'm not working for the next 9 months and don't know exactly what I will be doing".

So our adventure started with a train journey out to Horsham, a near bike crash whilst riding to Tom's dad's house and realising my cycling knicks didn't quite make the packing list for our impending 3 week cycle journey.

But the crash was avoided, new knicks have been ordered and we are in the midst of a delightful seaside  weekend break with family before we commence 19 days of non-stop cycling!

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