USA! First stop - LA

We have now finished four excellent months experiencing some European history; eating beautiful food and drinking the odd local ale/vino. Our friends in and around the EU didn't let us down as we had a great time and were not disappointed by anything (apart from Pisa!).e.

Our next trip is across America. Literally driving from LA to Miami in 3 weeks. Along the way, we plan to provide you with snippets on each of the areas we stay in, starting with Los Angeles.

LA, what can you say. We have both been here before and enjoyed some parts, including a bit of Hollywood and some cool nightlife. That said, neither of us loved it.

Because of this, we arrived by plane late at night and left the next morning at 10am. We figured we would enjoy exploring new towns along the coastal road to San Francisco instead. Despite our lack of time in LA we did manage a quick bit of sightseeing first thing in the morning as we walked across Venice beach.

Despite many tramps, graffiti, tacky food places and a very tired looking Muscle Beach Gym, which was once made famous by the likes of Arnie who trained their regularly, I loved it.

I can see why many people love it here as the wide stretches of beach are gorgeous, almost as stunning as Pamela Anderson once was when she played the effervescent CJ in Baywatch.

Venice Beach looks like a great place to go running, cycling, skating or surfing each morning. Some of locals even had the luxury of returning to their nearby stunning homes around the canals which are hidden away just one street behind the beachfront. By luck we happened to walk through this almost  private area which we were really impressed by and a bit jealous of to be honest.

From our previous trips we realise we don't love LA as a whole, but if you like nightlife and want a slice of the celebrity lifestyle then this is the place to hire a convertible for a few days, cruise the beaches and soak up lots of sun.

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