After Warsaw we headed to Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, for 5 days of detoxing - no wheat, no diary, nothing processed. Basically fruit, vegetables, eggs and brown rice.

The reason for the detox was after Vilnius, we were meeting up with friends in Riga which would be anything but healthy. We wanted to get ourselves feeling as good as possible which, in hindsight, would make the fall from health grace even worse.

Vilnius is a small, clean city featuring a lovely Old Town and a number of parks. The parks are not quite as nice as Warsaw but the Old Town is probably the best we have visited. It is quite sprawling but the architecture is beautiful and it has a lovely vibe to it.

Our days in Vilnius consisted of: 8:00 - waking up 8:15 - breakfast 9:30 - work out 11:00 - return home and snack 12:00 - lunch 13:30 - head out for a spot of exploring 16:00 - return home and snack 17:00 - going for a run 18:00 - shower 19:00 - dinner 20:00 - movie or catching up on x-factor (!?!) 22:00 - reading a book in bed 23:00 - falling asleep

Gee, it is a tough life being a traveller! We spent our afternoon outings wandering through the Old Town; walking up to the castle which offered a lovely view across the city; exploring Kalnu Parkas, also known as the Park of Hills, and visiting the Three Crosses atop the Crooked Hill; and relaxing on the Swedbank terrace in the sun one afternoon.

We also made a visit to the money museum, the number 2 thing to do in Vilnius according to Tripadvisor, where we spent approximately 10 minutes walking through the display and promptly leaving when we stumbled upon a loud and rowdy group of school children.

The highlight of the trip was catching up with an old work colleague of Tom's, Jolanta. Jolanta worked with Tom at TRP but returned back to Lithuania around 2 years ago. We had a lovely catch up over a cup of coffee (It was the last day of our detox so we broke the fast, and boy was it worth it. The coffee was just so creamy!!) and a gasbag for over an hour.

Vilnius is a lovely pleasant little town which you could easily explore in a day. However it was perfect for what we needed - a non-touristy, relaxed and small city for some R&R.

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