Wet, wet, wet. Or perhaps why, why, why?

Updated: Feb 3, 2019

WWW stands for wet, wet, wet or perhaps why, why, why?? The latter questioned what on earth we were doing riding through beautiful Somerset on the Saturday of the May bank holiday whilst getting the cycling version of trench foot.

Far too many people were inside enjoying time with family, gorging on cheddar and supping cider.

Sadly we were outside but were joined by my fit 60+ year old dad and a bearded sparky brother with the knee of 60 yr old. They are both ok but neither bought a bloody umbrella.

Again, as the heavens opened up, we thanked God for women being involved. Gill and Katie had two support vehicles (including laminated sign saying support vehicle) which carried our gear and clean towels for lunch. With their smiles on arrival, our morale was immediately boosted.

Following some renewed enthusiasm and a quick bite, we saw rain, rain and more rain. Spirits were dampened a bit. Then Dad thought he was Bradley Wiggins and flew down a hill, missing my by an inch whilst doing 40 miles an hour. Don't worry, I told him off.

We rolled into Thornbury dripping wet. Rob had only one pedal, I was barely able to change gear with my frozen fish fingers, Dad knew he had to sit in a car for another 30 mins before a shower and Lucy, well Lucy was fine as normal (I need to toughen up!).

Despite all of this, there were back slaps and hugs. Gosh we all felt warm inside. Well, once we had our showers.

Route: Axbridge to Thornbury Distance: 48 miles Weather: I have already explained this

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