Why didn't anyone tell me...

Updated: Jan 19, 2019

A day of eye opening experiences and reminiscing

Childhood memories came flooding back today - ice creams, and buckets and spades all across the Cornish coves.

After cycling 43 miles, we ate lunch on a bench out the front of a newsagency in the village of nowhere. The owner came out to lend us a carrot peeler to, which reminding me of when I was a kid, being overseen by a shop owner when we gobbled down our penny sweets outside.

"Cycling LEJOG is a bit of an effort Tom, best do some training". Bugger

All day, Lucy applauded me for my small achievements. 'Well done Tommy' as I climbed a hill without stopping. As I cycled up those hills, I thought about the things I wasn't told about when I was younger - what to say on the phone if you ring a girl for a date and her parents answer the landline, how you kiss a girl for the first time or how you go about asking her father for his blessing to marry her (ok, last marriage reference).

This made me question why wasn't I told the following when I was younger (3 months younger) - "Cycling LEJOG is a bit of an effort Tom, best do some training". Bugger.

Day 2 down after 73 miles. 80 miles is on the cards for tomorrow. I have mixed emotions, main one being fear. If my childhood taught me anything it was through Crystal Maze - Face you fears. Get straight into that room with a giant spider and win that crystal!!

Route: Newquay to Holsworthy (with wrong turns) Distance: 73 miles Weather: Sunny and barely any wind

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