Why walk when you can cycle?

You may have heard pro cyclists say why walk when you can cycle, why stand when you can sit and why sit when you can lie down. Just another faux pas we made within the cycling world.

We had a short day on Sunday so thought we would walk round Gloucester for 3+ hours as we had time to kill in the afternoon. We thought this would be fine as we had another short day today when we were joined by a very good friend of ours, Steve, along with his wife Fe and daughter Libby in the support car.

After 5 minutes of cycling I casually mentioned that after a week of cycling, I felt stronger then ever. Steve was clearly impressed.

15 minutes later I stopped after a short hill climb in the sun, disguised it as a wee stop when in fact I gobbled down some food, took some water on board and stretched the break by talking about the scenery for 5 minutes.

After yet another lunch at Wetherspoons, we found the required energy and showed off our pleasure in this photo after realising we were only a mile away from my cousin, Ondine, who was our host for the night. We spent the evening talking to her lovely friends and hoovering up their left over BBQ and having two massive servings of dessert.

A funny struggle of a day for us all, with particular mention to Steve who did 55 miles on a heavy bike after no training. Another inspiration for us.

Route: Gloucester to Stratford Upon Avon Distance: 55 miles Weather: Clear, bit of wind and light rain at the end (for the BBQ of course)

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