The crazy plan

“You’re planning on running what??”


I know – running the Te Araroa in one hit is a pretty audacious challenge! So, this is where you can get some of your questions answered. If there are more things you want to know – like how I’ll get my daily caffeine hit or how often I’ll shower – you can hit me up on social media.

(Happy to hear your tips too – especially on the caffeine part!)


What is Te Araroa?

Te Araroa is a 3,000 km track running down the whole of New Zealand – from the very tip of Cape Reinga in the North Island to the depths of the Bluff in the South Island. 

It takes in some of New Zealand’s most beautiful sights – the roaring Whanganui River and rugged Richmond Ranges to the majestic Queen Charlotte Track and iconic Tongariro Crossing.


The TA also winds through the cities of Auckland, Wellington and Queenstown – perfect for a well-earned coffee stop.


I'll be running on roads, scrambling up mountains, wading through creeks, kayaking down rivers, fighting through dense forest, sinking into endless stretches of sand, and stumbling across grassy, tussock plains.


The total elevation is equivalent to summiting Everest 9 times. That's right, 9 TIMES! Yikes. 


But perhaps the most challenging thing about this trail is its absolute remoteness. Some of the trails are way, way off the beaten tourist track and far from any towns.

Let me get this straight – you’re doing the whole 3,000km in one go?


That’s right! The Te Araroa has only been run by a handful of people. In fact, no other Australian woman has ever run it.


How long will it take?

I'm planning to complete in less than 70 days. On average, I will be running 46km a day! I will also     do a spot of kayaking (about 50km total).

Why are you doing it?

I'm inspired by other fierce women who are pushing boundaries and taking on big, hairy audacious goals. I stumbled upon Te Araroa online and became fascinated by it. I love NZ and perhaps was subconsciously looking for a goal of my own.


For the past 18 months, it has been nagging me so I'm taking the plunge. Whilst success isn't guaranteed, I hope I can inspire other women to follow their dreams, regardless of how crazy they are!

Where will you sleep?!

Wherever possible, I’ll be sleeping in my crew van. But some of the trails are insanely remote and I won’t be able to get to van in time to sleep. So, there will be around 13 hut stays (thankfully, New Zealand has an incredible wilderness hut network).

Will you be alone out there?


No way man! I’ll have an incredible support crew to help me through. Heading up the crew is my hubby, Tommy, who is responsible for watering and feeding me. Supporting him will be a rotation of friends and family who will either run or man the van.


When will this adventure happen?

We are setting off on the 11th November 2019. We’re still ironing out some of the exact details, but stay tuned on social or check this page for more deets soon!

You are a crazy lady, but I kinda wanna get involved. What can I do?

Awesome!! 3,000km is a long way and there are only so many podcasts I can listen to. So, I would love you to come run with me, whether it's for an hour or a couple of days.


Simply contact me and join in the fun!

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